About the Lane County Republican Party

The Republican Party of Lane County, Oregon is comprised of some 59,000 registered Republican voters who reside in the county.

The official organization of the Republican Party in Lane County is the Lane County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) which speaks on behalf of the party in the county, promotes the principles of the National Republican Committee (RNC – the national party) as set forth in the platform adopted at the party’s most recent national convention, and recruits and supports Republican candidates for public office. The Central Committee is committed to building a grassroots infrastructure that benefits Republican candidates for county, state, and national office and is actively engaged in sponsoring events for residents to engage with conservative leaders.

The Lane County Central Committee consists of Precinct Committee Persons elected to two-year terms on the Republican primary ballot in Gubernatorial election years.  Republicans in each of the county’s Precincts elects five men and five women per 500 voters (within the precinct) to represent them on the Central Committee. When elected, members of the Lane County Republican Central Committee also become members of the Oregon State Republican Central Committee (ORGOP).  When vacancies occur between election years on the Lane County Republican Central Committee, a public announcement soliciting candidates is made, candidates are interviewed by LCGOP leaders, and members are elected by a vote of the full Committee, as specified in its bylaws.

All LCRCC members and leaders are volunteers who serve without compensation and dedicated to a more prosperous future for Lane County, our state and country.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Lane County Republican Central Committee is to promote the Republican Philosophy, build and strengthen the Republican Party from the grassroots up, and elect Republican candidates.

Concerned About the Future?

Are you concerned about the future of Lane County, Oregon and our Country? You are invited to attend our meetings and events. Together, we can change the future!

Be Part of the Political Solution

It is not an option to sit on the sidelines and allow others to determine the future of America. We must engage in the political process. We must elect candidates who will uphold our Republican Philosophy and Principles. You are encouraged to join us as a volunteer or Precinct Committee Person. Working together we can Make Lane County and Oregon Red.

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