Learn About and Become a PCP

Have You Had Enough? Become a PCP!

Are you satisfied with the way things are going in your country today? Are you satisfied with the way things are going in your community, Lane County, or the state of Oregon? Are there things you would like to see changed? You are not alone!

But what can YOU do about it? The saying goes “Government belongs to those who participate”, and that cannot be over stated. If you want to see changes, and I mean changes we REALLY believe in, you have got to get involved and get vocal. Get off the couch, download an application and sign up to become a Precinct Committeeperson (PCP)!

PCPs are the grassroots of the party! We elect the local party officers of Lane County Republicans. When we have strong leadership at this level, we can make big changes in our community.

Daniel Schultz and Steve Bannon Discuss PCPs

What is a PCP?

The Republican Party begins with the Precinct Committeeperson. PCP men and women are the grassroots representatives of the Republican Party in Oregon.

During Election years, PCPs lead grassroots campaigning efforts in their communities, including phone banks, door knocks, and literature distribution. During non-election years, PCPs take a leading role in Growing Our Party through active voter registration efforts and candidate recruitment.

It is also helpful for PCPs to have an active online presence so they can update friends, family, and neighbors with the latest information from the Republican Party and Republican candidates. Having a Facebook page or even an email distribution list can go a long way in getting out the vote. PCPs become the Republican Party in their communities!

PCPs are the “face” of the party and an advocate for Republican principles in their neighborhoods and communities. They are asked to attend meetings of their county Republican Central Committee in order to help set the party agenda in the county and strategize how to spread the Republican message at the local level.

PCPs have a voice in selecting Republican Party leadership on the county, state, and national levels. Elected by the PCPs in their county, county leaders then help select the state party leaders, who participate on the Republican National committee and elect the national party leaders. PCPs also select Oregon’s delegates and alternates to attend the Republican National Convention in presidential election years.

Lastly, PCPs become extremely important in the nomination of candidates for vacant offices. When an office holder vacates his or her office, it is the job of the PCPs in that jurisdiction to select a new candidate.

Role within the County Central Committee

Each county’s central committee consists of the elected and appointed PCPs. At each county’s organizational meeting (held every two years in November of even numbered years), officers are elected by the elected PCPs. The duties of the Executive Committee can be found on this page.  Officer positions may slightly vary between counties, but every county will select the following positions:

Committee Chairs and Members

In addition to the elected officers and delegates, there are many committee chairs and members. There are many ways that you can be involved. Volunteer in the office where our Patriot Store is located. Write articles or posts for social media or this website. Leading or helping to put together social or fund raising events. Become involved with the University of Oregon Republicans. And most importantly, running for an elected office such as a school board, city council, or county or state offices. Most people have many talents they can bring to the Lane County Republicans, and they are all appreciated greatly. Together, the Lane County Central Committee can make a difference in our local communities, Lane County, Oregon, and the nation.

Please remember:

This may sound like a daunting task, but the tasks of the PCP are spread out over the year, so a PCP should never be overwhelmed by the work. It helps to have a long-term plan; making the job easier and much more effective.

How much time does it take to be a PCP? The answer is “it depends.” Everyone has different demands on their life. Some have more time to contribute than others, so anything a PCP can contribute is helpful and will make a difference.

To get started, download a PCP form, print and fill it out, and bring it to our next Central Committee meeting, held monthly.  Or scan it and email it to our secretary, Steve Schmunk, at secretary@lanecountygop.org.  Or mail it to Lane County Republican Party, PO Box 757, Pleasant Hill, OR 97455. Or use our online form!



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