Besty’s Besties: Johnson Sticks with Brown, Kotek When It Matters

by Reagan Knopp, originally printed on The Oregon Catalyst

Career Democrat Betsy Johnson is now running as a non-affiliated candidate for governor. She wants you to believe she is an independent leader capable of bringing the two political parties together, but her record tells a different story. Time and again, Johnson has sided failed conservative, rural voters and sided with with far-left liberals Tina Kotek and Kate Brown on the big issues impacting Oregonians. She’s on the same team as the progressives that have run our state into the ground, taking the same votes.

  • Betsy Johnson was the deciding vote on a multibillion dollar tax increase known as the Corporate Activity Tax (CAT). Economists agree that taxes like the CAT lead to price increases for the goods and services we rely on everyday, meaning Johnson’s voted made inflation worse in Oregon. Johnson had a chance to prevent this tax increase but caved to Gov. Kate Brown and voted the Democrat party line. Johnson claims to regret her vote, but doesn’t commit cutting or vetoing any future taxes.
  • Betsy Johnson’s pro-abortion is somehow even more extreme than Gov. Brown and Tina Kotek. Johnson served on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood, voted in favor of legislation requiring insurance companies to pay for abortions regardless of a patients gender, gender identity or immigration status, and supports taxpayer funding for abortion services.
  • Betsy Johnson sided with Tina Kotek and Gov. Brown on legislation that led to critical race theory being taught in Kindergarten.
  • Betsy Johnson fell in line with Tina Kotek and Gov. Kate Brown in support of billions in new gas taxes, higher DMV fees, and taxes on bicycles.
  • Just like Tina Kotek and Gov. Brown, Johnson repeatedly voted in favor of tolling Oregon highways.
  • Betsy Johnson voted Yes on Tina Kotek and Gov. Kate Brown’s new political maps that openly rigged elections in favor of Democrats for the next ten years.
  • Betsy Johnson was once known for being one of few Democrats to vote in favor of the 2nd Amendment. Now that she is running for Governor? She’s “personally for the 2nd amendment” but politically has fallen right in line with Tina Kotek and Kate Brown in calling for more gun control.

Betsy Johnson’s extremely well paid political consultants tell a Hollywood quality story with their TV ads, but beneath all the rhetoric about unity and change is a liberal voting record that would make even the most progressive Democrat blush. Oregon is in desperate need of change. Betsy Johnson and her bad votes are just more of the same.

Corporate activity tax — HB 3427 (2019)
Abortion — HB 3391 (2017)
Critical race theory — HB 2845 (2017)
Gas tax and more — HB 2017 (2017)

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