Cap N Trade Protests Salem, Oregon 2-6-20

The early morning of February 6, 2020 found freeways and highways clogged as a thousand or more truckers headed to Salem, Oregon from throughout Oregon and neighboring states.  I arrived to the State Capitol about 6:30 in the morning, hundreds of protestors were already there and dozens of commercial trucks and farm equipment were already circling the Capitol building.

This protest was organized by Timber Unity and had the support of many other organizations including thousands of members of the Oregon Republican Party and other organizations such as Dear Oregon and Oregon Push Back.

Throughout the morning hundreds of trucks and truckers, farm equipment and a couple thousand protestors arrived in Salem to protests the previously failed, reintroduced, Cap N Trade bill,

The Democrats say that Senate Bill 1530 would impose a sweeping, economy-wide cap on carbon emissions.  Opponents say the Democrats are going about it in a way that will close companies, put thousands of Oregonians out of work, send our jobs to other states and countries and cost every Oregon family about $900 per year. A plan that puts more dollars into the control of the Democrats while doing little to improve our environment.

Posted by Terry Weinheimer

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