Display These Vaccine-freedom Signs at Your Businesses

Attached are signs created by BreatheFreeLaneCounty for local businesses to display concerning vaccine freedom and unlawful enforcement of mask mandates.

This first PDF is a trespassing notification for government employees that states: Attention This gathering is a protest against the governor’s illegal shutdown of our lawfully operated business. If you are here for any reason other than free engagement of commerce or protesting the governor’s illegal order then you are Trespassing and you must leave or you will be prosecuted. No exception to prosecution will be made for governmental employees performing surveillance on behalf of governmental efforts to deny our rights of protests, freedom of assembly & speech. – The Management, Owners & CRL Citizens Restoring Liberty For information please contact us via our website: www.CitizensRestoringLiberty.com.


This next PDF is a notice to government agents and the need for a warrant to lawfully enter the building: NOTICE TO GOVERNMENT AGENTS: Be advised this is a private establishment. You need a warrant to lawfully enter this establishment, as required by law. No permission is granted to your entry to this business without written permission from a court of law to legally search this property. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, “The right of the People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrant shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or Affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Any violation of this law will result in law enforcement being summoned. Any evidence obtained through illegal searches is not admissible in a court of law. It goes on to state the Policy of Constitutional Civil Rights Compliance and Title 18 US Code Section 242. And then it gives a notice to patrons on Civil Rights Act violations: Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act protects against harassment in the workplace. Any person who harasses, intimidates, threatens or makes false accusations against this business, its owners, managers, employees and patrons, or who files a false claim or unfounded charges with a state or local agency regarding the lawful functioning of this business, protected by local, state and federal laws, will be deemed a “direct threat” to the health and safety of this business and its owners, managers, employees, and patrons, and as such will be banned from doing business with this establishment, and may be subject to a $1,000,000 service charge from this business establishment for violation of our business policies, and will be reported to local law enforcement, the FBI, and Homeland Security for investigation, as fully allowed by law.


This next PDF is a statement from the Medford field office of OSHA for restaurants to use to declare themselves mask-free based on OSHA’s General Duty Rule concerning a workplace free from perceived risks and dangers: RESTAURANT NAME has been in business since YEAR and we have always exemplified the utmost in cleanliness and sanitation practices. For XX years our inspections from the Coos County Health Department have been at rated at 95 -100%. Our employees take special care to insure consistent and thorough hand washing practices as well as wearing and changing gloves when processing food. All of our employees are well trained and have their food handlers cards up to date. We do not offer Table Service. All orders are packaged to go and order pick up is contactless. The distance between the customer and the employee is 6 feet. Our Point of Sale has a chip reader that is located in the lobby. There is no customer contact and we sanitize the contactless card reader after every client. In addition, the above complaint violates OSHA’s very own regulations as listed: Wearing a mask violates the “General Duty Rule” (page 7, OSHA worker’s rights publication) and Creates a workplace safety hazard for these reasons: 1) Masks obstruct breathing, possibly bringing it below the OSHA-established levels of oxygen in the atmosphere of 19.5% — thus increasing risk of hypoxia or “IDLH” — Immediate Danger to Life and Health. An employer that requires prolonged mask wearing would be committing an OSHA violation, punishable by a significant fine or loss of business license. 2) Masks don’t allow exhaled carbon dioxide to be released properly, thus increasing risk of Hypercapnia, carbon dioxide poisoning. 3) Masks obscure vision (cause glasses to fog), increasing the hazard of workplace injuries because of impaired vision. 4) Masks obscure verbal communication by muffling voices, increasing the hazard of workplace injuries and accidents. 5) Cloth masks increase risk of FIRE HAZARD, especially in a hot kitchen working over the stove or grill. 6) Face Shields increase glare, which can increase risk of vision problems. 7) The Oregon OSHA publication dated 3-25-20 states that the CDC does not recommend healthy people wear face masks. Face masks are not personal protective equipment and does not protect the wearer against airborne transmissible infectious agents due to loose fit and lack of seal or inadequate filtration. 8) There is no statutory law or regulation that requires wearing a mask, face covering or face shield, aside from other PPE that might be required in certain industries. If required, oxygen levels are to be monitored! Laws, rules and regulations must have an associated code cited. There is no code listed in these guidelines. Our business understands and supports the importance of the OSHA “General Duty Rule” whereby employers must create a workplace free from perceived risks that cause or are probable to cause any danger, or genuine physical damage or risk to employees. In addition, this provision specifies that every business should follow work related well-being, and well-being measures proclaimed under OSHA.


This final PDF is a notice stating the business is a constitutionally compliant free enterprise: WELCOME! WE ARE A CONSTITUTIONALLY COMPLIANT FREE ENTERPRISE. We do not infringe on the unalienable rights of any person. By law, we do not follow, nor require adherence to, any unlawful or unconstitutional orders or suggestions pertaining to face coverings or personal distancing, and promulgated by any governor, mayor, health department, or any other government entity. Your health is your responsibility.


And finally is a JPG claiming Medical Privacy Respected Here, click to enlarge.

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