Donald Trump is an Ass – Do You Agree?

“Donald Trump is an Ass,” the words of so many radical left-wing politicians, activist, the press and the misled herd that listen to and repeat every word their radical masters say. To the herd and their masters, not only is Donald Trump an ass, so are we the commonsense people that support the U.S. Constitution, support the police, military, free speech, gun rights, and those of us that wish to preserve the American way of life.

Local and National Newspapers

If you can do so without ripping it up, – read your local newspaper. Over-and-over these radicals, repeat in many ways that Donald Trump is an ass, and so are right leaning people. The newsreaders, so-called reporters and their favored politicians tell us lie-after-lie. They know their herd will believe the lie of their masters to be truth if the lie is repeated enough.   

The Teacher Unions

Some of the radical herd was blessed when they were born with a brilliant mind. Unfortunately, many of them did not receive the gift of commonsense. Repeatedly, in the class room, from Kindergarten through Graduate School children and young adults have been indoctrinated. Many radicals in our educational system molded their minds. Don’t get me wrong, we have many fine educators with common sense values. Unfortunately, many educators are afraid to speak up, they fear they will lose their livelihood. To the radicals, non-believers are mindless morsels. Morsels that fall off their toasts or drip off their morning expresso or cappuccino. Morsels that must be brushed away!

Through his life, my own, highly educated brother (may he rest in peace), was a left-wing radical. Educated, little common sense and very gullible. He believed everything the far-left told him about America. To him, socialism was wonderful. My brother could not understand why I, and so many other right-leaning people did not embrace socialism.  

Radicals at the Democratic Convention

This week, if you can do so without vomiting – listen to the recorded speeches being played at the Democrat Convention. In my mind, I can hear the words Take 1, Take 2, Take, 3, Take 24 as they try to record those words just right and continue to fail. They are looking for sound bites that their followers will hold on to and repeat. They are doing their best to convince the herd that others are responsible for their own failures.

Network TV Anchors

Listen to the words of the television news readers and politicians that call the riots going on in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and perhaps your own town, a Peaceful Protest.  How they can do so with a straight face is beyond me! Honest people with commonsense, could never call the burnings, beatings and even killings of innocent people a “Peaceful Protest.”

Yes, in the minds of these radicals, Donald Trump is an ass and so are we. If we continue to allow them to push us around, we will prove them right.  Every person with common sense that values the United States of America, must stand up now. We must do everything in our power to see that Donald Trump is reelected. We must elect to office, commonsense people with conservative values . We must not allow Radicals to take over our country. It is up to each of us to make the change and vote out the FAR LEFT RADICALS, that run our cities, states and the U.S. Congress.

Written and posted by Terry Weinheimer a Conservative Ass with Commonsense and an avid Supporter of Donald J. Trump for President.

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