Letter Regarding Election Fraud to Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno, From Michael Cross (November, 20th, 2020)

Dear Secretary of State Clarno,

I am deeply troubled and saddened at the current state of affairs in the Oregon “motor voter” scheme and the disarray of the security and integrity of the “vote by mail” system in Oregon. There are numerous security breeches in the system and the operating system itself is woefully outdated, inadequate, and insecure.

To make matters worse, when State Elections Director Steve Trout pointed out these inadequacies and breeches of security, you fired him. The very individual who STOOD UP for all Oregonian’s voices and who could have assisted in solving the security breeches, for his diligence you immediately terminated his employment.

Do you realize the optics and the message that your action regarding his termination tells all Oregonians? Specifically, your termination of Steve Trout after pointing out fatal security issues with the voting system and the security “update” received on election night at 7:52 P.M. November 3rd, tells voters that you already knew of the security breeches and issues and that you had no interest in correcting them and that you did not want the security “update” on election night to be scrutinized.

Where did this “update” originate from? What was it’s purpose and what is in the code? Why is it no other “updates” were required from your office all throughout 2020; just this one right before the counting began? If Steve Trout hadn’t raised the alarm, the general public would not even be aware of what happened on election night.  What is there to hide?

As Republican nominee for State Attorney General, I am lodging my formal complaint with you and your office on behalf of myself and all Oregon Voters. This complaint will also be forwarded to appropriate Federal agencies, attorneys and news people. This complaint is due to lack of integrity in our elections, lack of security and the general way your office has been run. The security breeches are so large you could sail a 055 destroyer right through it.

I am also lodging my DEMAND FOR MANUAL RECOUNT of certain precincts. Please have your staff contact me to work out the details.

It is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL, that your office REMAIN UNBIASED as to political affiliations and, or influences from outside persons or corporate interests. This statement seems fairly ironic at this point in that (at least officially) you are a Republican.

I bring this up as it applies to you now and last year when your office intentionally fed me false information.  Your staffers were instructed to deceive me that the Recall Petition of Kate Brown could be filed on June 15th, 2019, as opposed to the earliest legally allowed date to file said Recall was July 15th, 2019. This deliberate deception was to give the parties that support Governor Brown a strategic advantage that I was actually serious about filing the Recall and the verbiage that I gave as the cause for the Recall. The strategic advantage was to give the blocking campaign 30 days “heads up” and time to complete their strategy.  That was WRONG.

I realize that Governor Brown appointed you and that you were NOT on the short list submitted by the Oregon Republican Party, but you still need to be unbiased in your official capacities. That concept seems oddly foreign to many appointees in Oregon as if there may be some sort of quid pro quo, I certainly hope that’s not the case here; but judging by the optics, I’m not so sure that it’s not.

As it pertains to election issues in Oregon and specifically the General election 2020, Some of the complaints received are that people have not been allowed access to observe. When allowed access in many cases, they were not allowed within eye sight of the counting or validation process.

In many cases, entire families’ ballots are still not counted even at this late date. These are typically Republican or Independent registered voters. Some people have received two ballots. Some ballots have been sent to people that moved out of state years ago. Some family members have received ballots for deceased voters. So far, I have about 35 sworn affidavits of Vote fraud here in Oregon and more are coming in daily.

The current system allows people to register to vote with absolutely NO proof of identification; thereby allowing unscrupulous people to register as many aliases as they care to, via the online portal.

Additionally, individual voting records are able to be modified online by people other than themselves, allowing for malicious or fraudulent changes to people’s voting profiles.

Some voters are even getting their Republican party changed to NAV against their knowledge or consent. I myself received such a letter that I would be changed to NAV in September of this year, even after receiving the Nomination of the Republican Party for the Attorney General race.

If we don’t have sound record keeping, safe voting procedures and even basic safeguards in place to prevent illegal actions, then we fail to have a democratic process at all. We need to face facts that the “motor voter” system and indeed the entire “vote by mail” system is fatally flawed and we need to return to the tried and true system of voting in person.

Due to the massive security issues of the current Voting system in Oregon and it’s irreparable breeches and fictional as well as non resident votes and registrations, I have come to the reluctant conclusion that we need to IMMEDIATELY have an IN PERSON re vote for the November election. In this case each voter must show up at their precinct with proof of citizenship to cast a LEGAL ballot.

If you continue without an in person vote and certify the current election results, prosecutors and the general public have no other conclusion to draw in your involvement, other than- YOU are involved in election interference, fraud, mail fraud and possible RICO violations.

You Secretary Clarno have sworn an Oath to Uphold and defend the constitution as have I. Take the high road, do the right thing, make the right call and YOU will have the People solidly behind you. To do otherwise and you continue at your own peril.

Without free and fair elections, we cease to be a republic and we then become like so many third world nations where people’s lives are controlled by Dictators and the like. Which is what the majority of Oregon’s population feel about Governor Brown. Interesting.

In Liberty,

Michael Cross, Republican Nominee Oregon Attorney General

4676 Commercial St SE Suite 81

Salem, Oregon 97302


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