Eugene’s Natural Gas Ban

Natural gas infrastructure will be banned in new low-rise residential buildings in Eugene. The City Council passed the surprise resolution 5-3 Monday night, during a discussion on whether to send the issue to the ballot. Developers will have to use electric appliances and power when building new residences of three stories or less. The ordinance applies to building permits submitted on or after June 30, and it does not affect existing buildings (as of yet. It will, of course, be on the table in coming years).

Councilor Mike Clark said the change will discourage developers. He also expressed concerns that the lack of a community-wide vote would anger the public. New buildings compose a small percentage of Eugene’s carbon emissions, according to a 2021 report from the Good Company.

So — What can we do about it?? How about forcing the city council to put the ban up for a vote by the public? Wanna get paid to assist in that effort? That’s right, usually Republicans will walk neighborhoods for free as volunteers, but in this case there is a group that will actually PAY you to distribute information that will positively effect our community!!

$25 part time and $35 full time.. If you want to help out please contact Alli Hutson of IRCMS at Feel free to pass this to whomever you wish!

Unfortunately, WE ONLY HAVE UNTIL MARCH 6th!!! SO PLEASE HELP OUT AND SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO OUR CITY COUNCIL!! If you don’t live in Eugene, please help out too, because your town will be next!! Petitions are for Eugene voters only.

Here are some other actions you can take:

Kick-Off Event – Petition Drive to Reverse Eugene Gas Ban
Monday, Feb 20th,  at 11am 
Free Speech Plaza – Eugene
8th & Oak – 125 E 8th Ave.

Sign Petition Locations (Eugene Voters Only)
Eugene Chamber of Commerce:     Tue – Thurs 10am – 4pm
Lane County Republicans – Pleasant Hill:     Wed – Sat 10am – 4pm
Watch our website for more signing locations LCR

Packets Available For Petition Volunteers at the Lane County Republican Headquarters in Pleasant Hill, or Contact Tami Davis 541-915-6809

We will set up a signing table on Feb 25th, again please contact Tami Davis or the Lane GOP HQ f you want to volunteer to man a table anywhere.

Press Release February 8, 2023: Chair John LargeEugene City Council Takes Radical Position with Natural Gas Ban

PLEASANT HILL, Ore. – Lane County Republicans joined with Eugene for Energy Choice, Eugene and Springfield Chamber of Commerce and other local groups to deter the Eugene City Council from limiting the energy options for Eugene city housing. 

The radical progressives that dominate the Eugene City Council listened to a vocal minority of special interests and took away the right to install natural gas as an energy option in Eugene. This ban comes despite a torrent of public testimony that supported energy choice for Eugene housing. Eugene City Council ignored the benefits of Natural Gas as an alternative energy option and disregarded the increased probability of northwest blackouts due to our malinvestment in intermittent green energy over the last decade. Lane County Republicans are committed to an ’all of the above’ energy policy. The extreme measures of climate alarmists limit energy security for Oregon families. 

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