How Life Has Twist – We Must Stop the Insanity

Sitting here thinking about the past. Oh, how things have changed! I must admit, that I am still a young man, born in 1941, nearing the end of the 2nd World War. As young as I was in those days, I can still remember the ration cards for food, limiting what could be purchased. How our family and others, though we be city folks, raised much of our own food. Still, people seemed happy, mothers and fathers were working, children were listening to their parents and people were prospering, regardless of the hardships.

Kids Games and Play

We didn’t have the many distraction’s kids have today. We certainly didn’t have all the electronic devices they have today. My favorite toy was one made from a wooden thread spool. In the late 40’s my dad purchased our first television set, a 9” black and white Teletone. The screen was round and small, but nearly every night, neighbors would gather and we would watch cowboy movies or wrestling.

Even though we lived in the city, we could leave our doors unlocked. Kids could play outdoors, walk around the neighborhood and travel at some distance without parental concern. Such a difference from today.

One of my favorite games was Cowboys and Indians. I would usually dress like a cowboy with my hat, boots and cap pistol and fight the Indians. Today that cap pistol would be considered violence. Sometimes I would play the part of the Indian, playing with my bow and arrow and tapping my mouth, making a wa-wa-wa, sound. Today, that would be considered bigotry or cultural appropriation.

At school, we would draw war pictures, cowboy pictures and simple drawings that would illustrate our vision or a gun. We would play games and point a couple fingers at another as if we were cowboys, soldiers or bandits, though most of us had no real experience with guns. Today, a student is expelled for playing such games and at times, even drawing a picture.

Democrats Pushing Segregation

Later, I observed that yes, there was indeed racists among us. Lucky though for by the time I was in middle school, many steps had been made to improve race relations. For me, I never had a problem with other races – I always looked at others as people and did my best not to divide them by color. Today, that no longer works for the Democratic party wants to divide everyone into a group.

As I see it, the Democrats are doing their best to return to the segregated society they once had. Many Democrats were once members of, and praised the Ku Klux Klan. Today, many of them appear to be trying to return to those days. What is so sad, many of those that are being segregated by the Democrats are staying in line. While they may not see it, they are saying “Yes Master” to their Democrat masters, when they should be saying, “I have had enough of you, and it is time for me to join the Republicans, for it is them not you, that really care about my success.”

Party of the Blue Collar Workers and Small Business

Oh, how things have changed. As a young man, I remember the Democrats as being the party of the working man (the blue-collar worker). Today, regardless of what the news media and the Left wants you to believe, it is Donald Trump and the Republicans that are the party of the working man, and the Democrats are the party of Wall Street, Hollywood, Social Media, the Elite and the Very Wealthy. The very people that want to keep the small business people and the average person in tow.

Don’t believe me, look how the large organizations are prospering during this Corona Virus Pandemic. They can operate while the small business person has so many restrictions that they can barely keep their doors open. Many small businesses have failed and many more will. No, this is not the fault of Donald Trump. The left blames everything on him and yet it is the liberal Governors and Mayors that are the real culprits. The sad thing is, if they have a “D” behind their name, their followers believe everything they say, truth or not.

Not Ready for Socialism, Are You?

Do you really want Socialism? Do you realize that under Socialism there are two basic groups, the rich and the poor! What group to you think you will be in if you are not already rich or a high ranking Liberal? You might not like Donald Trump, but he and his followers are the ones that will bring us to prosperity once again. Open your eyes!!!

Yes, our world is changing and maybe at nearly 80, I am not as young as I feel. This may just be the rant of an old man. I may not know a lot, but the one thing I do know, is that if my generation and the younger generations do not step up and stop the insanity of the extreme left, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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