Lane GOP April 2020 Newsletter

    Letter from the Chair Lane County Republicans

John Large LCRCC Chairman
John Large, Chair LCRCC

What a team! Kudos to those that are working to turn Lane County Red. The board members that were elected to office are still working on the board, just in different positions and the fit has been great with each helping the other in different positions. It’s a team effort.

Don Buel, Vice Chair, is a great help with events and is great with people, always ready, willing and able to work wherever needed. Don wanted to step down as treasurer, but I didn’t want to lose him on the board. When the vice chair had to step down, Don was the logical choice and Terry Weinheimer, our webmaster, stepped in as treasurer.

Jade Wrey was appointed credentials chair with her sidekick Claudia Smith. Great team! I do have an interim Secretary by the name of Kim Fairbairn, who has been doing a great job and has taught me some things a 73-year-old non-tech guy needed to know. Janice Vowles did a great job as secretary, but felt she needed to concentrate on the PCP chair position. Also, doing a great job there. The past chairs are really appreciated and have been a great help for guidance and input when we needed it. We are a multi-talented team with some multi- talented volunteers.

Special thanks go to Sherrie Harvey for the great job she is doing in the Florence area. We need others that will work locations like Creswell, Oakridge, Cottage Grove, Eugene, Springfield, Lowell, Junction City, Triangle Lake or any other community that can help us Turn Lane County Red.

Thanks to many: Cindy Land and Gerry Briggs for their talent in artwork and media. Steve Schmunk, the new editor of our newsletter. The relentless Kaye Ridley and her team for the work on the Auction and dinner (postponed until June 6, 2020). Terri Moffett for all the work she does for the Oregon Republican Party and Lane County Republican Party. Terry Anderson, helping on the auction and sales, Karen Bodner for her input from a different perspective and those like Lela Trope, who is always willing step in on a project.

In September of 2019, we opened the office at 35817 Hwy 58 in Pleasant Hill. Our office volunteers have been great! Bob Wear, a great friend and a relentless volunteer to the party, along with Julie Bivens spend many hours every week helping visitors that come in just to talk or to purchase Trump and other campaign clothing and merchandise – including custom shirts by Karen Olson. Bet you didn’t know that even Michael Moore helps in our office. Well, I must confess this is our own Michael Moore, dependable with a great smile and not the one that likely came to your mind.

I must apologize for not mentioning, many more of you. Your service to our party is greatly appreciated and you know who you are. Thank you so very much!!!

Our goal now is to get great candidates elected to office. The tools are in place and the volunteers are ready to work.

On the last note, Covid-19, “This too shall pass.” Keep with the faith. I know this is especially hard on the business owners, employees, and all their family members. I pray this will be over soon.

Primary Candidates Campaign Message

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In The News

Education: Oregon holds students hostage – Freedom Foundation: “Teachers Union Claims It Isn’t Blocking Distance Learning.” – Democrats don’t like School Choice. Energy: Children now directing Oregon’s energy sector – Citizens’

Climate Lobby: Governor Kate Brown signs climate executive order. We can’t wait for democracy.

Upcoming Events

2020 Spring Fling Auction and Dinner

June 6, 2020 4:00 pm – 7:00 PM – Emerald Valley Golf & Resort – 83301 Dale Kuni Road, Creswell, OR 97426

Join us for fascinating speakers, Buffet Dinner, camaraderie AND meet our 6-foot, hand- carved President TRUMP who will be auctioned off. YES! YOU CAN HAVE YOUR VERY OWN TRUMP. SPONSOR TABLES & TICKETS ON SALE NOW

OR Republican Party Delegate Selection Convention

June 20th, 2020 – Embassy Suites, Portland Airport*

Delegates selected go on to the national convention in Charlotte, NC

Republican National Convention

August 24, 2020 – Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC.

At this time no planned event is definite. Please keep checking back

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