LCRP Newsletter Nov. 2019

John Large LCRCC Chairman

Letter from the Chair

Greetings again. The month has gone by quickly. The board has worked hard since its inception, last year.

A great deal has been accomplished, starting with an audit that had to go back two years to conform with the bi-laws.

Michael Kemple led the committee and we finally finished in September of this year.  One of our goals was a newsletter which Kathy Lamberg worked diligently to put it together, starting with around 550 on the mailing list growing to almost 685.

As of this month, Kathy went into newsletter retirement and is pursuing being a grandma, to the best of her ability. God bless her!

Robert Anders is now on a steep learning curve and is putting together our newsletter, as we speak.

The user names and passwords were lost for the webpage and the Facebook page, so we started over. We now have a great webpage that has received compliments from other county chairs.  Thank you, Terry Weinheimer!  Try it out for ease of access and information; and also, it is tied in with the Facebook page.  If you have an event, let us know. 

When the budget was passed, by an almost two to one margin, we voted on having an office and we are in. If you haven’t been here, the address is 35817 Hwy 58, Pleasant Hill. We have been stocking the office with hats, t-shirts, cups, jewelry and miscellaneous. We opened the office on September the first; and have new volunteers and approximately 26 new PCPs and growing.

We have enough room here at the office for 80. I hope that we don’t have enough room and we have to find a larger place.

We have had a picnic and a golf tournament, and in the future; we have planned an office Christmas get together, and are putting a float in the Springfield Christmas Parade.

For next year, we have a Lincoln Day Dinner and auction planned and, as soon as, we know who the candidates are; we will have a few speakers.

Have a great Thanksgiving and may God bless each and every one of you; and God bless our president, and the USA.

John Large


December 7:  Springfield Christmas Parade

December 14: Headquarters Christmas Gathering

Campaign Headquarters:

The opening of our Lane County Republican Headquarters in early September, has generated plenty of walk-in traffic, and increased local support.

Each month, the revenue from the sales of campaign materials such as hats, posters, flags, buttons and t-shirts plays a significant role toward keeping the door open and maintaining a great selection of promotional inventory.

With the support of dedicated volunteers, we are able to maintain regular business hours Monday thru Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, in the months to come, we will need a plethora of volunteers to keep our presidential campaign rock’in an roll ‘in!

The office location is adjacent to Highway 58 in Pleasant Hill, and offers high visibility, plenty of parking in back of the campaign headquarters and a Dairy Queen right across the highway.

John Large and Vice Chair Don Buel are working hard to put together a strong and enthusiastic volunteer team.  We would like to have a dynamic impact in Lane County. Your volunteer support will truly make a big difference, as we get closer to 2020!  

I encourage everyone to stop by the campaign headquarters, buy a nice looking MAGA hat, and have your picture taken with our carved image of President Trump.

Committee Meeting Update:

The central committee meeting held at our campaign headquarters last week, was well attended by precinct representatives from all over Lane County.

With a strong precinct quorum, chair John Large wasted little time addressing all the business issues on the docket.

Overwhelming support from precinct representatives, unanimously confirmed Terry Weinheimer, as the treasurer for our Lane County Republican Headquarters in Pleasant Hill. 

Don Buel, campaign volunteer since 2018 and the past campaign treasurer for the Lane County Republican Party, will be working closely with chair John Large. Don was elected by precinct representatives during the central committee meeting last week.

The last order of business, representatives unanimously confirmed the appointment of 23 precinct committee persons (PCP) as volunteer members at our campaign headquarters. Chair John Large is confident we are ready to do some serious campaigning in Lane County.

With less than two months left in 2019, we really need to be proactive and encourage others to lend volunteer support.

Have a grand Thanksgiving.


Our Lane County Republican Headquarters will be entering a float in the 38th annual Springfield Christmas Parade on December 7th.

The Springfield Christmas Parade will start at 21st Street & Olympic to Pioneer Parkway E. & Main Street. The parade will begin at 1 p.m. and conclude at 3 p.m.

Our Float Theme is “Honoring Our War Veterans”.

Recently, an article in the register guard discussing how our Lane County government, seems to turn a blind eye to the needs of our war veterans living in Lane County.

I can only conclude that our veterans who fought and died to keep our country free had little impact on these individuals.

I am glad our float will be honoring the men and women who chose to stand against those who seek to destroy the sovereign rights; “We the People of the United States”.

I would like to encourage everyone to attend the Springfield Christmas Parade, and, of course, support our Lane County Republicans float.

Chair John large has been burning the midnight oil, constructing our parade entry. John’s wife Loreen, has taken on the task of putting the final touches on our float.

Hope to see you there.

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