Register to Vote

Register to vote Lane County, Oregon

What’s the quickest & easiest way to register to vote in Oregon? Online! Yes, you can Register to vote online in Oregon. If you are already registered in Oregon but have moved, update your registration information online here. It takes less than a minute—why not do it right now? The link above will connect you directly to the secure, confidential Oregon State Voter Registration system.

Oregon citizens can show their support for the Republican Party and our candidates by registering to vote Republican!

OR you can register to vote by filling out and printing off a Voter Registration card now.  Just download this Voter Registration card here, fill it in online, print it – or print it first and then fill it in, and send it to your Elections Office (addresses are on the card) or find one at most post offices, DMV locations, and other public buildings.

For more information, call the Lane County Republican Party HQ at (541) 342-4166 or send an email to get a Voter Registration card or information about becoming a registered voter in Oregon.

Voting is one of the most important rights that we have as citizen of the United States! Make your voice heard – register Republican and vote in every election!

You can find additional information on voter registration at the Oregon Election Division