Roadpath to Real Change in Oregon (insights from the Dr. Douglas Frank talk)

Dr. Douglas Frank, who is the “Frank” behind Mike Lindell’s FrankSpeech and an important contributor to Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, visited the Lane County Republicans tuesday at the headquarters in Pleasant Hill, and talked about the proof of calculated election fraud he has collected, about the country, and about Oregon … down to the county. His plan to take back the state included:

  1. – check to see how many people are registered to vote at your current residence! If you find extra voters, contact the Secretary of State and ask for them to be removed.
  2. — Become a precinct committee person! Currently we are at only 1/3 capacity, let’s fill the vacancies with America-First patriots and weed out the RINOs (Republican In Name Only). Click here.
  3. Canvas Suspect Voter Residences – The Elections Integrity Committee for the Lane County Republican Party go out and canvas houses that contain large amounts of voters, and have found that voters have been registered to parking lots, empty lots, businesses, and vacant houses. They will be meeting at McDonalds on 6th Street at 11am this coming Saturday (June 3),. Dr Frank suggested they target a specific group of addresses and they will have address-lists prepared, as well as scripts.
  4. — Sue an elected official! Elected officials are bonded to guarantee they will uphold their contracts to we the people, when a bondholder breaks a bond’s terms, the harmed party can make a claim on the bond to recover losses. In addition, if they are proven to be fraudulent the bondsmen won’t pay out. For example, present a list of ghost voters from the Election Integrity Committee canvasing, if they don’t get removed from the roles, confront the Secretary of State, when she lies, present your evidence of fraud, and file a complaint for damages (which you get to keep!!) Read more.
  5. Oregon’s Citizen Initiatives — propose a law! Citizen Initiatives are ways citizens can bring things up for a state-wide vote. Jo Rae Perkins will (likely) be spearheading a petition to get rid of mail-in voting. Dr. Frank says we are probably the worst state for voter laws/procedures, and he’s examined 40 states at this point.
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