SEL105 Form – Become a PCP!

Want to help affect politics instead of sitting on the sidelines and fussing to whoever will listen? Become a Precinct Committe Person in the Lane County Republican Party! it is an elected position, the PCP’s choose the leadership of the Lane County Republican Party, and also get to choose the leadership of the Oregon Republican Party (either directly or indirectly, depending on your level of participation). In turn, the ORP chooses the leadership of the National Committee. You will also be able to meet all the candidates and help them campaign, and other activities like monthly meetings, bar-b-q’s, rallies, running a booth at fairs and rodeos, meeting Lane County voters, and just help influencing the direction of Lane County (we’ve been successful in a couple recalls lately and averting the gas stove ban).

The online application to file your SEL105, to get your name on the ballot to be elected a Precinct Committee Person, will launch September 14, 2023 – March 12, 2024.

All current PCPs, and new interested Republican registered persons, will need to file the SEL105 to get on the ballot. A PCP will only be elected if they receive at least 3 votes. Any remaining open positions after the election period will be open for new appointed PCPs. The Primary Election, it has been said, is where We The People and Precinct Committee Persons have a real voice in many aspects of our elections.

Click the link below to start the process of getting elected to represent your precinct!