Truth vs. Fraud

We are all familiar with the expression, good versus evil.  Unfortunately, this new level fraud the American people are not familiar with such as massive amounts of misinformation, disinformation and unabated efforts to subvert the truth whenever it conflicts with the democratic political narrative.

During his presidency, our commander in chief has been under attack by special interest groups, house members and the mainstream media.  Without fail, media outlets from newspapers, radio, magazines and of course television seem to be in lockstep with each other.  It has now become obvious that key members in both houses of government have worked very hard to steal the election from the American people.

A large number individual who actually cast a vote for Sleepy Joe and his running mate must have embraced the mainstream media’s attempts to downplay any notion that voter fraud was involved in Biden’s fantastic win over Trump.

There are two fundamental problems I found most interesting, surrounding the tabulation process of voter ballots. Numerous examples of fraud confirm a total lack of cooperation and transparency displayed during and after the November 3 presidential election.  Why am I so nervous with the idea that only the Democratic Party has the sole authority over every aspect of the voter ballot processing procedure? It is simply unconscionable for the American people of this great nation to allow voter fraud to usher in a new president and vice president that support abortion revolution, open borders , draconian gun control, packing the court system, replace our constitution and virtually make a mockery of voting rights. Without fair elections in America, we will never see our republic survive, as socialist communism erodes all those qualities that have made the United States the greatest nation in the world.

There are individuals in the highest levels of government who embrace acts of treason that will turn the truth into a lie and voter fraud will remain and flourish in the political arena if not exposed.

All Americans who love this county must fight the unabated corruption that seeks power and control.

My final thought,

If the Truth is hidden from the people for a short time, soon the acts of extreme fraud against the people will be revealed in full view.

By, Robert Anders – The Voice of One

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