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Oregon Candidates

If there has ever been an election that is going to make a difference to our future, it is the 2020 election. The radical Democrats and the news media are working together, to turn our state and the United States of America, into a Socialist country. Many of our friends and family have been caught up in the promise of FREE for everyone. Commonsense individuals must take a stand if we are to protect our nation. Let’s work together, prevent Oregon and the United States, from becoming a Socialist, Vote Republican and Conservative. Vote Common Sense, Not Emotion.

Watch this video and then CLICK HERE to learn more about the candidates.

We need your help. Saving our nation requires all of us to work together. Contact your candidates and learn how you can assist them.

It takes money to win. Donate directly to your favorite candidates of CLICK HERE to donate to Lane County Republicans. The money you donate will help us meet our goals in supporting the candidates.

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